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Danielle Y. Baker is a practitioner of vibrational medicine and the sacred healing arts. Ordained Medicine Woman, Danielle offers heart centered compassionate care in assisting her clients to their ultimate state of well-being and transformation. Transformation Strategist, Life Coach, Therapist, Minister, Counselor, a woman of many gifts, but the greatest gift of all is that she is an Alchemist, with the ability to turn her clients most inner most desires into gold.

Danielle is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in English and Belmont University with a Master of Education in Sport Administration, and has spent 18+ years of her life work dedicated to assisting professional athletes’ transition into fulfilling their life purpose and celebrating their careers in sports. Over the span of her career, Danielle has spent her time advocating for the careers of professional players identifying transferable  skills and translating this experience to the corporate sector. She was a major contributor to NFL Alumni Association Career and Business Transition Program and the NFL officially sanctioned, Player Networking Event at Super Bowl.

Danielle works with clients to achieve their goals, and correct energy imbalances, where each can achieve a new level of health, personal growth, wellness and ultimate success. Her credentials include Energy Psychotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Colorado Registered Psychotherapist, Psychic Mediumship, Reiki, Vortex Healing, Herbalism, Auricular Therapy, and Certification in Bioenergetic Medicine.

Danielle received her doctoral degrees in Business Administration in Strategy and Innovation from Capella University, and Doctorates in Natural Medicine, Bioenergetic Medicine and Sacred Medicine from the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine.

“In my hypnotherapy session with Dr. Danielle I was able to learn techniques to use that would support me in healing from childhood trauma, loss of my loved ones and how to live with my new norm. She has an excellent bedside manner and is very knowledgeable of the work she provies. I am on my way to becoming free from all past trauma so I can show up in the world and be the woman God created me to be.“


“Danielle's gift helped me through arguably the toughest time in my life. I'm an only child and was extremely close to my mom. Hearing that she was at peace gave me peace. Knowing that there was nothing more that I could've done and also knowing that my mom was pleased with me, gave me most of the closure that I needed. It's still tough, but I have joy knowing that I can go to Danielle at any time for direction."


"Dr. Baker serves as an exemplary mediator between life, health and wellness. Her unique techniques provides a comfortable, holistic & peaceful approach to connecting where you are to balancing the human you've been called to be. Dr. Bakers infectious energy transformed my life entirely, and she came into my life at a critical stage that allowed me to be vulnerable and overcome. You won't be disappointed."


"My first session with Dr. Danielle was phenomenal! When I came for my first treatment I was in unbearable pain on scale of 1 - 10, I was at a 10. I left feeling amazing with pain averaging around a 4. Prior to my session, I couldn't lift my leg but after the therapy I could bend, life and exercise again. I would recommend this treatment as an alternative for pain management and relief."


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